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How To Use Eyelet

Setting a Budget Duration

On the Budget, Income, or Expenses page, click on the dates at the top to set yourself a schedule. Pick whatever timeline works for you. These can be changed at any time.


Navigate to your Budget from the top menu and begin typing out the categories and the estimated costs of each category. You may use percentages for categories that you want to grow and shrink based on your income (for example: goals, tithing, entertainment, loan payoff). Goals by default is set to 10%, but you can delete this row or change it as you see fit.

Percentage-based categories will automatically be filled with a percentage based on your total income for the period.


Navigate to the Income page to enter any money you wish to budget. This is where you will put money earned from a job, given as gifts, etc.—anything you want to keep track of. By selecting the checkbox under Ignore for %, the money will not be automatically be used in percentage-based budget categories. You might use this, for example, if you want to spend 20% of your income paying off a car loan, but you want to keep the money you got from Grandma for your birthday all to yourself.


Enter any expenses on the Expenses page—trips to the store, utility payments, subscription withdrawals, etc.—that you want aggregated on your budget and taken out of your remaining income. Categories can be added on-the-fly: if one does not exist, it will be created and will show up on your budget.

If you use the category Goals, money will automatically appear on the Goals page.


The Goals page is where you can go to establish long-term, multi-period goals (like saving for college, paying off a debt, or buying a home). Money entered as an expense into the Goals category will automatically show up here and will be distributed among your goals depending on how much of a percentage allotment you give each category. Once a goal has been met, excess funds will spill over into other goals.

Closing a Period

When you are ready for a clean slate of expenses and income, click on the red Close Period button. Any leftover money (or a negative balance) will be transfered to your new budget. Money allotted to goals will remain in goals.